We pride ourselves in the quality service that we provide , we serve the homeless with a daily meal and showering facilities , they can also to advantage of the computer suite as well as just chilling out in the lounge area , However we feel that homelessness comes with different problems , such as addictions and other different problems as not 1 person is the same as the other we offer counselling services and a 1-1 mentoring facility to build and look at what the person needs so we have encompassed CV writing skills and job search skills as well as referring the homeless person to accommodation providers and outreach services , we have a good reputation in delivering and going the extra mile for the homeless person and we have amassed many years experience in serving the homeless person , however we know and understand the need to offer an accommodation service to incorporate the Fountain Day Centre and are developing this need for the future.
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  1. Reaching out and Supporting the homeless
  2. What is Homelessness


Being homeless is quiet traumatic , with nowhere to live and no immediate solution to their plight which can lead to detrimental effect to that person and can encompass many problems such as turning to alchohol and other substances in order to either forget their troubles and alleviate there depression , for which the long term alcohol abuse can lead to serious health problems and lead to even death , homelessness can effect anyone at any time in their life marriage break ups , migration , mental health issues , or substance abuse each homeless person that comes through our doors has a different reason , people don’t choose to be homeless , but rather the main cause is lack of accommodation and services to support their needs and a sign of overstretched local councils