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The Fountain Day Centre supports the homeless in various different ways. The Fountain Day centre was founded in 1998 and has been the life line of many homeless people that come through our doors over the many years that we have been open. Our service is desperately needed to serve east London primarily the Waltham forest ward as we are the only homeless day centre within this Borough. Homelessness affects many people in different ways and backgrounds from short term homelessness and long term homelessness as well as the mass of migrant infux to the UK primarily east London. We have designed our project with a humanitarian discipline the need for all human beings Food, warmth and shelter are our founding block. In order to help those who are in distress and are suffering the hardships of homelessness, our project is managed by the Fountain Trust and our dedicated project manager and her staff who run the daily the centre on a daily basis.

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Every Monday

GET INTO WORK PROGRAMME - Get experience. Our Get into programme can give you the experience and training you need to move into a job.

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Every Tuesday

LIFE TRANSFORMATION CLASSES - This is for those who have had enough of being stuck repeating the same patterns and not achieving the right results.

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Every Wednesday

SINGING FOR THERAPY - The workshops help to release hidden emotions and anxieties, and promote relaxation and mental healing through singing.

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